17 4 PH Round Bar

17-4 PH Round Bar

As a PH grade, 17-4 PH round bars can resist corrosive environments with its combined high strength and hardness.

This PH grade mostly is a preferable and versatile steel that is formable, machinable, and weldable.

17 4 PH Round Bar17-4 PH round bars, however, is not suited for solution-treated conditions. This steel has its fabrication techniques similar to regular stainless steel grades. 17-4 PH can be forged easily due to its excellent welding properties. The great combined processing and mechanical properties make 17-4 PH and other related PH grades suited for the wide array of uses and applications.

O’Hare Precision Metals has a stock of 17-4 PH Round Bars that are well-suited for stringent environments that require tough strength and good resistance. As a special type of stainless steel grade, they can be perfect for both functional and sophisticated uses that require high fatigue strength, stress, seizing, and corrosion resistance, and galling resistance. 17-4 PH can also be fitting in intricate components requiring extensive machining and welding properties. PH stainless steel grades have the excellent welding and forging capabilities and corrosion resistance that is greater than other stainless steel grades. 17-4PH is a nearly perfect grade for various customer-specified uses. Contact us to learn more or Request a Quote for your steel requirements.