Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) is used for indicating polished, ground, and turned shafting in rotating industries specifically.

As one of top suppliers of Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) across the Midwest, O’Hare Precision Metals keep a large inventory for supplying quantities that are required by the pump manufacturers who also supply single shafts necessary for refurbishing and repair.

Pump Shaft QualityGrinding helps achieve the tight diametrical tolerance that lowers wear and gives more consistent product with quality and controlled properties. The material is being straightened to allow a minimal vibration all throughout the shaft length. Pump shaft quality has been used for the high precision shafting in pumps.

We stock the following stainless steel grades like 17-4PH and 416 in PSQ, ranging in sizes and diameter.

With the precision straightness and tight diameter tolerances, Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) requires careful and special considerations when handling and shipping. We also have our packaging options which include wooden boxes and cardboard tubing.

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