Inconel Bar

Inconel Bar

Inconel has the resisting properties against crevice, pitting, and corrosion cracking as well as to vast range of mineral and organic acids.

Inconel and other inconel products are widely used mostly in components and structures that are exposed to seawater.

Inconel BarThey are perfect for environments that require great ease in highly mechanical stressed exposures. Another suitable application for inconel are the areas that are also exposed to flue gas like in desulfurization plants as well as in oil platforms, oil and gas production, and oil-shale recovery projects.

Basically, the reason why inconel materials fit a lot of heavy duty and stringent operations are the exceptional mechanical characteristics they possess including:

  • Complete ease in chloride induced stress corrosion cracking
  • Good resistance to acids like phosphoric, nitric, hydrochloric, and sulfuric, allowing possible construction of high heat transfer in thin structural components
  • Exceptional mechanical properties at both extremely low and high levels of temperatures
  • Oxidation resistance even at high temperatures
  • Intercrystalline, pitting, and crevice corrosion resistance


Inconel 600 solid solution strengthen aerospace, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, food processing, heat treating industry, nuclear engineering, gas turbine components
Inconel 601 nickel-chromium alloy, has good temperature strength, and oxidation resistance chemical processing, heat treating industry, aerospace, power generation, radiant tubes, steam superheater tube supports, etc
Inconel 625 has good weldability, acid resistant aerospace, aircraft ducting systems, jet engine exhaust systems, specialized seawater equipment, engine thrust-reverser systems, chemical process equipment
Inconel 690 has low resistivity, has lower cobalt content for nuclear applications high temperature burners, duct work, petrochemical heaters, furnaces
Inconel 718 has good weldability, gamma double prime strengthened nuclear reactors, aerospace, chemical processing, pollution-control equipment, gas turbine parts, liquid fuel rocket motor components
Inconel 751 has increased aluminum content for an improved rupture exhaust valves like on heavy duty diesel engines
Inconel 792 has increased aluminum content, has high temperature corrosion resistance gas turbines
Inconel 903 nickel-cobalt alloy, has high oxidation resistance and temperature strength gas turbine and hot section components
Inconel 939 has increased weldability, gamma prime strengthened used for high heat environments