medical steels

Medical Steels

Our medical steels made from superior medical grades can withstand cleansing and sterilization for a safer surgery and operation.

O’Hare Precision Metals also boasts its capabilities in producing medical steels that are highly sought by scientist and medical specialist for biochemical, sanitary, and surgical applications.

medical steelsThese medical steels are made out of highly-specialized steel grades that can withstand severely stringent environments and conditions like cleansing and sterilization. Certain steel grades are carefully picked to fit particular uses and environments as well as to meet important criteria set in each of designated area of application.

Medical steels in whatever size and form, are highly important upon surgeries and other scientific operations.

The best medical grade that is used for forging medical tools is the stainless steel 304 which exhibits excellent mechanical properties namely: high corrosion resistance, hardenability, rust proof, high heat resistance, recyclability, and antibacterial properties. They are best suited for manufacturing medical devices such as scalpels, medical clamps and scissors, and iknives which are subjected to withstand extreme chemicals and acids in cleansing and sterilization.

We come up with a multitude ideas on how we are going to innovate our techniques and ways in the full production and distribution of products to all our varied customers. We set following criteria on our own and constant quality control inspection of our products for consistency and high accuracy.

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