Aircraft Alloy Steel

Aircraft Alloy Steels

We stock aircraft alloy steels that mainly have their major functions in aircraft construction and aerospace industries.

Aircraft Alloy SteelAircraft alloy steels are mixtures of various types of elements that is commonly applied in aerospace industries. These aircraft alloys come in rounds and other styles that can be stress relieved, cold finished, and heat treated. Thus, these alloy steel types are widely used in the aircraft construction and structure because they are easy to fabricate and weld with just mild hardness. They can be both normalized and annealed.

Aircraft alloy steels are typically used in clamps, filler blocks, jigs, base plates, support plates, gages, high-strength and structural pieces, and brake dies. Other types of aircraft alloy steels are also often used for making gears for aircraft shafts and landing and axles that are utilized in power transmission.

As a large partner of aircraft and aerospace industries, we at O’Hare Precision Metals continues to keep its large production of aircraft alloy steels that can undergo lots of severe conditions and operations, especially in their exact field of applications.